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请允许我作一个总结,许多联系我的读者们已(对我的博客)作出通常只有亲朋好友才会有的热烈回应。我(永远都会热烈)拥抱那些从中国来到美国的新移民。我的父母就曾经是新移民中的一员。如果不是他们的牺牲,就不会有今天的我,他们的梦想继续蔓延到世界各地。我的父亲帮助我认识到我造成的问题,我们 - 特别是我 - 可以做得更好。




附: 英文原文 (from Huffington Post)

Frank H. Wu, Contributor Distinguished Professor, Univerjquery 文字动画插件_最强资讯网sity of California Hastings College of the Law; Chair, Committee of 100

A Public Letter To New Chinese Immigrants

03/22/2017 12:59 am ET | Updated 03/22/2017 9:00 am ET

I have learned a profound lesson. I will never forget it.

I recently wrote a blog here about the Asian American movement and newer Chinese immigrants. It went "viral." I had hoped to promote cooperation. I urged an audience of progressive activists to reach out and respect their cousins who have arrived more recently and might not agree with all of their advocacy.

However, good intentions are not enough; consequences matter. I was insensitive to how the words would be received, including in translation and repetition. Many people interpreted my message as its opposite. They understood me as saying I, an American proud to be of Chinese heritage, felt superior to Chinese who have come to these shores in the past generation.

An apology that implies the offended party was to blame is hardly worthwhile. I do not begrudge my friends who were hurt. I see how they inferred tone. "They" noticed the framing of "us" versus "them." The shared aspiration is for "them" and "us" to be as one.

To make amends, it is worth repeating: Bridge building is crucial. That means across the Pacific Ocean, as well as with whites and blacks. Yet it also jquery 判断空_最强资讯网encompasses the vast Chinese diaspora. There are generational divides that can be united through efandroid 手表_最强资讯网fort, and only through effort.

In addressing the long-time civil rights champions, whom I admire, about the community for whom they would fight, among whom I count myself, I made two points.

First, as a matter of principle, we must strive to be inclusive. This is a pure concept. We cannot say we are fighting for someone if in fact we are fighting with them. It would be hypocritical.

Second, if that were not persuasivesqlserver 时间减去7天_最强资讯网 on its own, the demographic trends matter. We cannot condescend to people who are like us but for a few years difference in residence here. All of us, "we" and "they," must be welcoming. That is not simply for strategy. But for those to whom I was speaking, unwilling to accept the first point, they ought to be won over by the second point.

It might be tempting to suggest that issues of race, culture, and identity are fraught, contentious, and subject to misreading. That is all the more so played out among strangers through social media. But I realize that I should have been more clear. I am entrusted with a leadership role. I am both honored and humbled that others believe I can represent them, including to those who already have stereotypes in their head that are less than positive. That means I have to fulfill a responsibility.

Please allow me to conclude personally. So many who had contacted me have responded with the intensity we usually reserve for intimates. I embrace those who have come from China to America. My parents were once among them. I would not be who I am but for their sacrifices. They believed in a dream that continues to beckon the world over. Indeed, my father helped me appreciate the problem I caused. We - 苹果官网ios固件下载地址_最强资讯网specifically I - can do better.

I applaud those who would argue with me for their assertiveness. If only we all stood up and spoke out as they do.

Addendum. Speaking for myself subjects others to risks. Needless to say, my observations are mine, and mine alone. None of those great institutions with which I am privileged to be affiliated should be impugned by any of this, ranging from University of California Hastings College of the Law to Committee of 100 to the United States Department of Education.

作者:吴华扬 (Frank Wu)

作者简介:吴华扬(Frank Wu),法学教授、作家、社会活动人士。美国加州大学黑斯汀法学院教授, 美国百人会(Committee of 100)现任会长。他加入百人会已有15年,长期参与华人社区服务,曾帮助主办为华裔科学家陈霞芬女士维权的北加州筹款活动,以及为俄州华人协会(OCAA)举办的陈霞芬听证会的集会活动提供法律援助。

他的著作有:《黄种人:美国黑种人和白种人之外的种族》(Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White)和《种族、权利和赔偿:法律和日裔美国人拘禁》(Race, Rights and Reparation: Law and the Japanese American Internment)(合著)等。


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